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The American Technology Awards: The Best of Technology and Government Dinner





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Nominations for the American Technology Awards, also known as the Termans, open January 11, 2013.  The Termans are the only “Best Of” awards recognizing technology products and services across the technology industry.   Awarded on the basis of a thorough evaluation by industry experts and technology leaders, the Termans are presented annually at the Technology and Government Dinner. This year’s event will be held June 20, 2013 at the Ronald Reagan Building, Washington, D.C.

Please review the instructions, guidelines and tips from the judges prior to completing your nomination form.  All entries must be submitted online by March 15, 2013.

Instructions & Guidelines:

The Terman Awards is dedicated to recognize the most innovative product or service for each of the following award categories:

Aerospace & Defense
Winner 2012 Award: Quantum3D — ExpeditionDI
Winner 2011 Award: Space Exploration Technologies (Space X) – Falcon 9 vehicle

Big Data Applications (NEW CATEGORY!)

Clean Tech/Green Tech
Winner 2012 Award: Silver Spring Networks — Gen4 Networking Technology
Winner 2011 Award: Petra Solar – SunWave System

Cloud Computing/Software
Winner 2012 Award: Virtela Technology Services Incorporated — Cloud-based Mobile Device Management Service
Winner 2011 Award: Akamai Technologies, Inc. – Dynamic Site Accelerator

Consumer Electronics/Computers and Peripherals
Winner 2012 Award: HP — The HP t410 Smart Zero Client All-in-One
Winner 2011 Award: Logitech – Logitech Revue with Google TV

Cyber Security & Authentication
Winner 2012 Award: RSA — RSA NetWitness Live
Winner 2011 Award: Daon, Inc. – Identity X

Health & Medical Technologies
Winner 2012 Award: Freedom Innovations — Plie 2.0 MPC Knee
Winner 2011 Award: ConforMIS, Inc. – iTotal® Knee Resurfacing System

Internet Services & E-Commerce
Winner 2012 Award: crowdSPRING, LLC —
Winner 2011 Award: webtrends Inc – Analystics

IT Services & Consulting
Winner 2012 Award: Computech, Inc. — The National Broadband Map
Winner 2011 Award: HP – HP NetTop

Semiconductors & Electronic Components
Winner 2012 Award: NeuroSky — CardioChip 1
Winner 2011 Award: Atmel Corporation – maXTouch™ for Large Screens

Server & Storage Technologies
Winner 2012 Award: SoftLayer Technologies — Flex Images and Object Storage
Winner 2011 Award: DataCore Software Corporation – SANsymphony-V

Smart Grid & Smart Instruments
Winner 2012 Award: FreeWave Technologies — FGR2-PE Industrial Grade 900 MHz Long Range Ethernet Radio
Winner 2011 Award: Petra Solar – SunWave System

Winner 2012 Award: IBM — Watson
Winner 2011 Award: GPS Insight – GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution

Technology Manufacturing
Winner 2012 Award: 3D Systems — Cube
Winner 2011 Award: 3M ™ – 3M ™ Cubitron ™ II Abrasives

Winner 2012 Award: Shared Spectrum Company — Spectrum Sensing Toolbox – SST
Winner 2011 Award: ViaSat Inc. – ViaSat–1 High-Capacity Satellite System

Nominees may submit their application in multiple categories for the same product submission.  Award winners must commit to have a representative present at the American Technology Awards dinner to receive their award.

Entries will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • The information clearly explains the product or service from a technological perspective, its scope and impact.  Volume is not as important as clarity and substance.  Ensure that you have included appropriate details;
  • Ensure that your application includes complete technical details.  Judges are evaluating these applications from a technical perspective to recognize and award innovation.  It is imperative that they understand the nature of the technology, its uniqueness and impact.


All entries must be submitted online by March 15, 2013.


Judging is a two-round process. The initial round is conducted by independent judges, primarily industry specific experts. Final judging will take place by a wide panel of leading technology executives. The winner of each Terman Award will be selected not only by industry experts, but also by their industry peers.

Tips from the Judges:

Award entries will be evaluated in three distinct areas:

Description:  Describe the product/service.  Define what the objectives were for this application/product/process/service.  Clarity of the descriptions  is key.

Innovation:  Explain how the product or service is new, unique, or original.  Explain how the application applies existing technology in a different, innovative way.

Results/Impact:  The results or impact of the project are very important.  Please describe in detail, the tangible and measurable benefits attained through the application/product/service developed.  Describe the scope and significance of these benefits.  Be sure to include information on the breadth of the audience impacted (local, regional, national, and worldwide) and the longevity of the impact (short-term; long-term).