TechAmerica Foundation : TechAmerica Foundation Announces New Commissioners on SLG Cloud Commission

TechAmerica Foundation Announces New Commissioners on SLG Cloud Commission

Tarkan Maner, President and CEO of Wyse Technology to Chair

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Denver, CO – The TechAmerica Foundation has announced the names of 38 industry leaders and nine government advisors who will serve on the new State and Local Government Cloud  Commission (SLG – CC).  The Commission’s objective is to enable state and local governments to better serve their citizens by optimizing their use of cloud technologies and solutions.

The Commissioners and advisors from state and local governments around the country convened yesterday at a kickoff meeting in Denver.

Olga Grkavac, Executive Vice President for Public Sector at TechAmerica, said: “Our new SLG Cloud Commission represents a broad range of companies serving the public sector, from start-ups to the largest multinationals. The Commission is well-positioned to provide diverse insight and deliverables on issues critical to cloud deployment by states and local government. We look forward to constructive recommendations that help provide a path to more effective and efficient use of the cloud by states and municipalities.”

Commission leadership is being provided by Tarkan Maner, President and CEO of Wyse Technology. Maner is being joined as the commission leadership by vice-chairs David L. Cohn, Ph.D. Program Director, Smarter Cloud, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center and Cisco’s Public Sector CTO, Daniel Kent. A full list of Commissioners is available:

In addition to industry representatives, the TechAmerica Foundation has announced the names of nine government advisors to the SLG Cloud Commission, who will provide guidance to the commissioners. These state and local officials will provide input and will review recommendations at key milestones throughout the fall. The list of advisors can be found at:

To learn more about SLG – CC, please visit

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