TechAmerica Foundation : Webinar: Successful Low Cost Domestic Sourcing

Webinar: Successful Low Cost Domestic Sourcing

Low Cost Domestic Webinar Series

Successful Low Cost Domestic Sourcing:

Stories from the Trenches

U.S. and global service providers focusing on low cost domestic sourcing have been gaining traction in recent years. How are these service providers leveraging lower cost U.S. areas to provide IT and business process outsourcing work? What is the value they are giving, not only to their customers but to their employees and partners as well?

Participants joined a webinar where they will heard first-hand from service providers who have established delivery centers in suburban and rural America. Learn from them the:

  • Domestic service delivery strategy that work – and those that do not
  • Challenges associated with setting up these centers
  • Future opportunities they see in the domestic sourcing landscape

Watch the webinar below.




Peter Ihrig
Peter Ihrig

Senior Vice President, CGI

Monty Hamilton
Monty Hamilton

CEO, Rural Sourcing, Inc.



  • ITO & BPO Service Providers – Senior Management

  • ITO & BPO Buyers – Senior

  • Global Sourcing & Procurement

  • Site Selection Executives

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View webinar PowerPoint slides here; view and hear recorded webinar below.