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American Technology Awards for 2014



The American Technology Awards (ATAs) have come to represent outstanding achievement in 15 different technical categories and are still the only “Best of” national award in our industry. Being awarded an ATA means your product exemplifies the “Best of” the United States tech sector.

The ATA Showcase was held on May 20th at 1776, a global hub for startups, where the finalists’ outstanding products were featured and the winners were announced.

For a list of commonly asked questions about the nomination process, please click here.


7:00 – 7:30 PM: VIP Reception
7:30: Main Reception Begins
8:15 PM: Winners Announced
9:30 PM: Reception concludes

2014 Finalists:

To view the press release announcing the 2014 finalists, visit

Advanced Manufacturing/Technology Manufacturing

Aerospace & Defense

Big Data Applications

Clean Tech/Green Tech

Cloud Computing/Software as a Service

Consumer Electronics/Computers and Peripherals


Health & Medical Technologies

Internet Services, E-Commerce & Mobility

IT Services & Consulting

Semiconductors & Electronic Components

Server & Storage Technology

Smart Grid & Smart Instruments



About the Awards

Entries are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • The information clearly explains the product or service from a technological perspective, its scope and impact. Volume is not as important as clarity and substance. Ensure that you have included appropriate details;
  • Ensure that your application includes complete technical details. Judges are evaluating these applications from a technical perspective to recognize and award innovation. It is imperative that they understand the nature of the technology, its uniqueness and impact.


Judging is a two-round process. The initial round is conducted by independent judges, primarily industry-specific experts. Final judging will take place by a wide panel of leading technology executives. The winner of each award will be selected not only by industry experts, but also by their industry peers.

Award entries are evaluated in following distinct areas:

Innovation: How has this product or service represent a new innovation in the marketplace?  Is it a feature or design change, an incremental change from previous iterations, or a sea change?  Or is it a product like nothing else in the marketplace?

Intellectual Property: How original is the product/service?  Is the concept created completely in-house?  Is it built on new concepts and/or technology? Was there significant research that had to be created to make the product viable?

Commercial Viability: Has the product been introduced into the marketplace?  Has it been able to carve out a niche for itself?  What has the adoption and uptake of the product been?  Have reviews and customers given it positive feedback?  If not yet released (prototype), do you see a viable marketplace for the product?  Does the product fill a need/want/niche?

Value Proposition: Does the product perform as expected?  Does this product create a new market or enhance an existing marketplace?  Does it provide a positive customer experience?

Impact on the industry and economy: Does this product advance the expertise of its sector or market segment?  How much does it save time/money/work for the end user? What is the overall impact in the industry/economy?

Overall: How does the holistic performance and value of the product or service fit overall?  What is the wow factor or the potential to change things in this segment or services? Rate entire package compared with other submissions.




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Award Categories:

Advanced Manufacturing/Technology Manufacturing
This sector is dedicated to products or services focused on the integration of technology in the manufacturing process. It is particularly focused on the rapid transfer of science and technology into manufacturing products and processes. This sector could include services that help improve the manufacturing process. Technology products that are particularly complex to produce are also included here

Aerospace & Defense
Products or services in the aerospace, aircrafts, navigation, radar, guidance systems, missiles, defense, and/or components, systems, software, or parts within these sectors

Big Data Applications
Products or services that relate to the creation, application, integration, understanding of, processing, storage, or systems integration of big data.

Clean Tech/Green Tech
Products or services that relate to green or clean tech, including products that increased efficiencies, utilize alternative energy, enhance or improve systems, or utilization of recycling, renewable energy, green transportation, chemistry, or biology, or other methods to minimize pollution or improve energy use or generation.

Cloud Computing/Software as a Service
Any service that is delivered over a network. Cloud/software services could include the creation of the cloud infrastructure or the service itself and can include multiple areas of services including but not limited to platforms, software, infrastructure, networks, storage, data, desktop virtualization, API, or even backend.

Consumer Electronics/Computers & Peripherals
Products or services that are generally purchased by the end public for general use, most often in entertainment, communications, or office productivity. Such examples could include but is not limited to computers, cell phones, audio or video equipment, TV or TV peripherals, cameras, or any other general household, automobile, or office electronic product or service.

Products or services that are used to improve, enhance, or secure networks, computers, or systems from unintended or unauthorized access. This also includes the protection of networks from unplanned events and/or natural disasters. This category also includes identity management products or services used for trusted authentication and verification.

Health & Medical Technologies
Products or services that improves the delivery of health services whether by improving the care itself, decreasing costs, improving the office administration, or related to enhanced treatment, diagnosis, rehabilitation, or hospitalization. Broadly includes medical devices, IT, biotech, or healthcare services.

Internet Services, E-Commerce & Mobility
Products or services that are delivered over the internet, including systems that facilitate the buying and selling of products or services over computer networks or facilitate the delivery of such services. This could include but not limited to such technologies as commerce sites, electronic banking, supply chain, Internet marketing, transaction processing, architecture and design, data interchange or collection systems, or other similar services where the Internet is utilized as one point in the transaction. It can include email, mobile devices, social media, or other technologies.

IT Services & Consulting
Products or services that support the design, architecture, network, communications, infrastructure, or integration of IT services and/or products, including the providing of advice, testing, or analysis of IT products, networks, or systems.

Semiconductors & Electronic Components
Products or services within the semiconductor or components industry. This includes the design, architecture, testing, manufacturing, or other services or products within this sector. Examples include but are not limited to products or services related to integrated circuits, microprocessors, diodes, transistors, solar cells, photovoltaic, wafers, member chips, manufacturing machines, etc.

Server & Storage Technology
Products or services dedicated to serving, processing, and/or storing data or transactions from multiple hosts on a computer network. This includes both client-server applications and Internet protocol networking (whether public or private networks).

Smart Grid & Smart Instruments
Product or services that service to monitor, collect, and act upon information collected from external environments. Includes the use of ICT to improve the efficiency, reliability, economics, and distribution of electricity throughout the entire delivery system from generation to actual end-user products (could be at any point in this delivery system). Could include product or services that utilize embedded systems or sensors to measure physical elements or properties for processing, analyzing, storage, or automation (includes the integration of smart sensors or applications into a large network or system).

Products or services dedicated to processing information. This could include a wide range of uses from the design of the system, to application design, customized programming, mobile applications, CAD systems, systems facility, network management and operations, off-the-shelf software, network software, etc.

Products or services dedicated to the transmission of information. This could include the infrastructure and network for this transmission (at all stages of the network) as well as the use of the network to improve transmitting information.


For questions related to the American Technology Awards nomination process, please contact:
Erin Whittaker